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13375p34k (Leet Speak) for Five-year-olds

January 31, 2007

Oh, the things kids these days do to the English language! From the mouth of my five-year-old, who spends too much time around his RuneScape-loving older brothers: “I poonaged that Law-bot.” Strangely enough, I know what that means.

You see, poon is a common pronunciation/transliteration of pwn, which is a bastardization (derived due to typos) of own, which means, in English the rest of us are familiar with, “to kick butt”. Then the nominalized version, poonage is a statement of butt-kicking greatness. My five-year-old went and re-verbalized that. 😯 (For the grown-ups out there who want to know what their kids are saying with all those strange words they use online, I recommend Wikipedia.)

Even worse, he says lol. Out loud. In otherwise “normal” conversation. Rhymes with roll. That one makes my skin crawl. He picked it up on his own (reading IM conversations over our shoulders), but now his father, knowing this, encourages him to use it around me just for laughs.

Like, omg!

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  1. Hman permalink
    January 6, 2009 8:28 am

    ZOMFG! 7HI5 I5 NO08I5H! WTF!

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