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Some links for a new school year

September 6, 2007

Here is a blog post from Tamara Fisher at Unwrapping the Gifted called Hogan’s Request that tackles the issue of teachers asking questions in class but not calling on the “gifted” kids because they already know the answers. The comments include some nice suggestions and are worth a read. When I first read this, I was thinking I’d recommend it only for teachers of elementary and maybe middle school where they are working with heterogeneous groups, but I think that even within the narrower groupings in high school, there are always going to be kids who stand out, and whose teachers might benefit from some of these suggestions.


Here’s an article about NCLB, which discusses its negative impact on gifted education: Teachers Say NCLB Has Changed Classroom Practice. Here’s a quote:

“…sizable percentages of educators are also spending more time teaching test-taking strategies, focusing more narrowly on the topics covered on state tests, and tailoring teaching to the “bubble kids”—the students who fall just below the proficiency cutoffs on state tests. “

I believe this EdWeek article is only available for free during their free trial which lasts until September 15th, so read it before then!


Here are a few pages of education/teaching quotes to inspire:

  1. Teacher Appreciation
  2. SyRIS Education Quotes
  3. English Teachers’ Network Quotes

Here’s one for today:

“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” Lily Tomlin (as “Edith Ann”)


For the students out there (middle and high school) looking for some math enrichment and challenge, check out the classes at the Art of Problem Solving website. Also check out their amazing forums, with something for everyone from 4th grade on up! They also have a private forum for MATHCOUNTS Coaches, and one for MOEMS Picos.

And if you’d like to enter a FREE math contest (aimed at high school students, but middle schoolers are welcome to try it) check out USAMTS. Unlike most math contests, this one give you a month to work on the problems and requires you to write up full solutions.


Also check out my Math Blogroll (on your right) for lots of posts about Math Education!

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