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New to my Math Blogroll

September 9, 2007

I’ve added some new links to my Math Blogroll recently, and thought I’d highlight them here in case you hadn’t noticed:

  • Math in Singapore 2007 I don’t think this one is being actively updated, but it contains a wealth of great information about the Singapore Math program, from a training visit the author made to Singapore.
  • TextSavvy is a math textbook editor with lots of good insights on elementary math education. He also posts great brain teasers in his sidebar.
  • Think Again earned a place in my blogroll for his ability to make me do just that. I don’t think I can do his blog justice by describing it, so go take a look!
  • I just found Pissed Off Teacher by reading the last Carnival of Mathematics. She has a lot to say about teaching mathematics, and lots of experience doing it.

Don’t forget to take a peek at my old favorites too:

  • Denise at Let’s Play Math! is a homeschooling mom with lots of great ideas about teaching math via games and puzzles.
  • Dave at Math Notations is a recently retired high school math teacher with lots of great ideas about teaching math problem solving and challenging all students. His archive is a wealth of great classroom explorations for middle and high school students. Be sure to read the comments!
  • JD2718 is a high school math teacher in New York. He posts lots of great math puzzles and raises excellent discussion points about teaching high school math.
  • Math Teacher Mambo is another high school math teacher blog. Definitely worth a peek.
  • Finally Good Math, Bad Math — a blog I would have enjoyed much more when I was in college and grad school, before brain-rot set in. 😉 So much of my higher math is a rather distant memory, so I find his posts more challenging to read than I might have some years ago. But I always enjoy his choices of topics and his great images.
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