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Google Search meme

October 26, 2007

Here’s a new meme from Learning Computation which blog owner Kurt Van Etten explains as follows:

David Ng of The World’s Fair has been playing with viral marketing and Google bombing, and the experience has given him an idea for a nifty new meme. The way it works is this: Try to come up with 5 different search phrases for which, when entered into Google, your blog is the number one hit. The search phrase can be enclosed in quotes if necessary, but obviously it is even better if it works without the quotes. A commenter at David Ng’s post (and by the way, read those comments at your own risk–some of them aren’t pretty) suggests scoring the search phrases based on the number of hits. So, the ideal search phrase would have your blog being number one out of something like a million hits returned.

As it turns out, this is much easier to do than it might sound.

So, I started with one variant of a search that lands a lot of visitors here:

Gauss worksheet (94.3K)

Then looking at some recent posts, came up with the following as my 5 “best”:

Ants log puzzle (1.77M)

extra credit inappropriate practice (1.67M)

calculator rant education (1.53M)

Elementary math generalizations (1.52M)

Deceptively hard group (684K)

I was surprised that I couldn’t come up with a very high scoring combination for this one:

acceleration calculus trap (133K)

With apologies to Dave at MathNotations, I’m also currently #1 for

Unsummables, though it doesn’t score very highly, with only 131 hits overall.

I’ll take Kurt’s approach of saying, if you’d like to try this one, consider yourself tagged. 🙂

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  1. December 21, 2013 6:08 pm

    Actually noo matter if someone doesn’t be aware
    of after that its up to other people that they will help,
    so here it happens.


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