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20th Carnival of Mathematics

November 2, 2007

The 20th Carnival of Mathematics is now up at SquareCirclez

Since it just went up, I haven’t read it all yet, but I have opened windows on several of the items that I am planning on reading.

But the first thing that caught my attention (after the cool Japanese counting video at the bottom of the Carnival post) was Meep’s videocast on Gauss’ Method of adding a series of consecutive numbers from 1 to n, since I have been doing a fair bit of blogging on teaching about arithmetic series in general, starting with the post on Pairing up with Gauss.

I also got a sneak preview even before the Carnival of a high school student’s discovery of a Flaw in Shamir’s Secret-Sharing algorithm. Check it out!

Check out the carnival for other cool looking posts on things like the uniqueness of factorization (something we count on without thinking about for Natural numbers, but which doesn’t hold in most rings), determinants, binary trees, fractions, assessments in NY and Singapore, and much more!

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